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Children’s Race Camps

Our Children’s Race Camps provide a supportive environment for young skiers to develop their skills, emphasizing fun, growth, and sportsmanship. These camps focus on building fundamental skiing techniques through engaging and age-appropriate activities. Each session is designed to inspire young athletes, helping them build confidence on the slopes while forming lasting friendships with peers who share their passion for skiing. With expert guidance from our experienced coaches, children will progress rapidly and enjoy every moment of their training experience.


Junior FIS Race Camps

Join our Junior FIS Race Camps to elevate your racing abilities with specialized coaching, competition experience, and a focus on technical mastery. These camps are tailored for more advanced young athletes who are ready to take their skills to the next level. Participants will benefit from intensive training sessions that cover advanced techniques, race strategies, and physical conditioning. Our dedicated coaches provide personalized feedback to ensure each athlete can refine their skills and achieve peak performance. The camps also offer opportunities to compete in real race scenarios, preparing athletes for the rigors of competitive skiing.


Seasonal Camps

Embark on unforgettable skiing adventures with our seasonal camps, including destinations like Hintertux, Italy, Switzerland, and Norway, tailored for different skill levels and ages. Our seasonal camps offer unique training experiences in diverse environments, allowing athletes to adapt to various terrains and conditions. These camps are designed to challenge skiers and enhance their skills through a variety of drills, exercises, and on-slope activities. Participants will have the chance to train alongside top athletes and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of renowned ski locations. Whether it’s carving down glacial slopes in Hintertux or racing through the picturesque landscapes of Norway, our seasonal camps promise an enriching and exhilarating experience.


Braehead Super Tuesdays

Experience high-intensity training and skill development every Tuesday at Braehead, enhancing your technique and speed on the slopes. Braehead Super Tuesdays are perfect for skiers looking to make significant improvements in a focused and intensive setting. These sessions provide targeted training that concentrates on key aspects of ski racing, such as agility, precision, and speed. Our expert coaches use a combination of drills, video analysis, and personalized feedback to help athletes fine-tune their techniques. The regular, high-intensity practice ensures continuous improvement and prepares skiers for upcoming competitions.

Don’t Miss Out on the Skiing Adventure of a Lifetime

Contact us now to begin your journey towards becoming a top ski racer! Explore our programs and discover the unparalleled training experience at Alpine Training Centre. Our team is ready to help you reach new heights and achieve your skiing dreams. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced racer, our comprehensive programs are designed to meet your needs and propel you towards success in the competitive world of ski racing. Don’t hesitate to join our vibrant community of passionate skiers and start your path to excellence today.

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