Army Alpine Champions 2017 FIS racers Euan Kick Duncan Kuwall Jen Kehoe and Mel Rigg


Royal Engineers Winter Sports (REWS)

  • Coaching support
  • Elite Training 
  • Instructor Education

ATC proudly provides coaching support to the Royal Engineers Winter Sports (REWS).  As well as coaching the troops how to race fast, ATC also runs an elite training programme for soldiers who are on the British Ski Team and are on a pathway to Olympic selection. 

ATC delivers instructor education to enable Army ski instructors to deliver adventurous training to their troops. 



The Royal Engineers are well and truly back in the medals. In the three years since Brigadier Andy Barr's vision to create a Royal Engineers pathway to podium and kick start Royal Engineer's competitive winter sports programme. In 2016 the Royal Engineers ski team won the Army Corps Championships, they also won numerous individual titles and in 2017 had a clean sweep in the individual events in the Corps, Armies and Inter Service Championships. They also put a total of eight Royal Engineers on to the 2016 and 2017 Army ski team who won the overall trophy at the Inter Service Championships in 2016 and 2017.

Brigadier Andy Barr's vision to create a Royal Engineers pathway to podium is now a reality and ATC is very proud to be involved coaching the various teams and programmes.  

REWS Elite Programme (REWS OpTima and ATC)

Together with the REWS sponsor, Optima Group and ATC have created an ambitious programme to provide a small number of elite Royal Engineer athletes a world class training programme. Our aim is to enable these talented national standard athletes and soldiers to compete with the best in the world and achieve Olympic selection. 

“Our programme focuses on maximising time on snow and utilising the wide range of military sports science resources available to us. In delivering this programme ATC expects to not only keep up with the competition, but also close the time gap to the world’s best.”
— Sean Langmuir ATC