ATC has the knowledge, skills and motivation to create winning teams. Our professional coaches make a huge improvment to the performance of the individuals and the team.  

ATC and the Royal Engineers

ATC proudly provides coaching support to the Royal Engineers Winter Sports (REWS) teams.  The ATC coaching team and sponsor Optima, provide coaching suport and training to a number of Royal Engineers adventurous ski programmes. We provide coaching support for the race camps and instructor development courses for the REWS IDW (Instructor Development Week). ATC also coaches and manages an ambitious, world class training programme aimed at sending Royal Engineer Sappers to the Olympic Games in 2022. 

Army Corps Champions 2017

Army Corps Champions 2017

British Army Team 

The Army Ski Team have won the last two Inter Services Championships. ATC provides their pre season coaching and expert race support at the Inter Services Championships. 

British Army Ski Team Inter Services Champions 2017 2018

British Army Ski Team Inter Services Champions 2017 2018


Directed and led by Olympians Sean Langmuir and Andy Freshwater there is no shortage of experience and knowledge on the ATC coaching team. We pride ourselves on helping to create winning teams! 

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After 20 years of working with Military Ski Teams ATC has the experience and track record to accelerate learning and create winning teams. Our approach is to coach soldiers in the same way we do athletes on professional teams. Fitness and recovery training after skiing, video analysis and ski-tuning assistance is offered by our coaches as well as great training on the hill.

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