We aim to provide a clear pathway for ski racers to develop as elite athletes. The Austria Academy allows young racers to access the best training facilities, conditions and coaching without compromising their schoolwork and studies.

The ATC Austria Academy is a partnership between ATC, Wipptal Tourist Board and the resort of BergerAlm who provide us with the amazing venue and training facilities. The Academy offers a unique blend of school support and race training for motivated young athletes who want to achieve their sporting goals while at the same time keeping up with their schoolwork.


Bergeralm offers us a truly world training area just a short walk from the Academy. Not only does the resort offer one of the best GS and SL pistes in the area, it also offers a unique night training facility under a huge expanse of flood lights. 

The resort regularly hosts the world's best athletes including the Austrian and US ski teams. For a smaller resort it has a state of the art snow making which allows the resort to open in mid November! A new fast chair and gondola coupled with the great training conditions make Bergeralm a great ski-racing venue.


The Austria Academy is 20 minutes drive from Innsbruck airport and 90 minutes from Munich airport. The glacier of Stubai is 30 minutes drive from the academy. 




Our network of local English speaking teachers and tutors are from Innsbruck University. One to one tutoring is available at the ATC Academy and training days consist of three hours training and three hours school work each day.