Our coaches inspire and guide young athletes to ski better, faster, and stronger. Our camps provide life skills, friendships and experiences that will last forever.

What is ATC

First and foremost, ATC ski camps are fun. They are also meticulously organised and very well coached. The experienced coaching team provide a safe training environment for kids to develop the skills they need to grow as ski racers, athletes and in life.  ATC has proven that athletes can attend school, live at home, and make the National Ski Teams.



To provide fantastic coaching in the best training environments. To encourage and nurture the passion for competitive sports and the love for the outdoors. To help every athlete excel at the sport of ski racing.

Core Values

Be a good sport
Embrace the process - work hard
Continuous improvement
Community, friendships, family
Go the extra mile


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Directed and led by Olympian, and founder of ATC, Sean Langmuir.  

ATC work together with other ski racing clubs to help forge new friendships, and to build a bigger and better ski racing community.