ATC program

Click on the link below to get access to the ATC programme for 2017 and 2018. You will find ATC flight information in the comments on each camp. 


Hamburg Indoor Slalom Camp - Sept 21-28
Nethy Fitness - TBA Nov
October Half Term - Oct 7-3 Nov
Bormio English Championships - Feb 10-16
British Championships Tignes - March 24-30

*Other FIS training and racing weeks are available at the Austria Academy

ATC Camps U16, U14, U12 

Hamburg Indoor Slalom Camp - Sept 28-3 Oct
Nethy Fitness - TBA November
October Half Term - October 7-3 Nov
Christmas NY Camps Dec 16-6 Jan
Bormio Training Camp - Feb 3-9
Bormio Race Camp - Feb 10-16
Scotland Half Term Cairngorm Camp - Feb 10-16
Tignes Training - March 24-30
British Champs Tignes - March 31 - 6 April
Scotland Easter Cairngorm Camp - April 7-13
Spring Camp - April 7-13

ATC Austria Academy Weekly Programme

Here is some detail on our programme for the winter including race weeks. We have planned weeks where the U14s will train along side the U16s, the U16 with the FIS group, and the FIS group with the Austrian Regional Team. For the FIS programme we have details of the FIS CIT and NJR races we will be attending. Contact for more details on the FIS programme.